Trimming Time

Leighton Stace a qualified Arborist is trimming the trees on my property to shed more sunlight on the new dam and to stop the endless twigs falling onto the fence .

some of the tree tops ( the heads) will go into theĀ  dams they will provideĀ  place for small fish to hide and to feed and they will over time leach eucalyptus into the water this will help with fighting bacteria that is ever-present in fish ponds.

Notice the water in the dam, it contains lots of tannin from the trees I have placed in it this will also help fight bacteria.

[wpvideo 0zu1kRos]

If you need trees trimmed and you’re in this area then call Leighton on 0416075661 he is a good worker and a nice chap.

I am off to the UK in a few days I intend to visit fish farms over there and will post the interesting things I see.

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