U k freshwater Aquaculture

I  have just returned from a trip to the U K and this is what I found out about their freshwater fishery.

Freshwater Aquaculture in the U K is fundamentally  about trout with some carp, carp and some other smaller fish of  are highly prized and much sort after by anglers

[wpvideo QwdVXtqV]

There is no similarity between the U k and dry old Australia, the U k have much more water than we do ,the water is colder  and faster flowing.


The one thing we do have in common is some individuals feel the need to throw there trash into the environment .


Fishing is predominately fly fishing and many fishers  can be seen at access spots along the roads.

Algae blooms were not present although I was there after heavy rains but i suspect they would be isolated and not severe.

Overall there is not much to be learned from our English counterparts in regard to freshwater aquaculture.

I did visit an aquarium on lake Windermere in the lakes district and found it fascinating

below are some of the photos I took on the visit.

From a fishing perspective it is a great place for trout and carp fishing there is of course lots of opportunity for ocean and estuary fishing as well as freshwater, the people are friendly and the ones involved in fishing seem willing to share their knowledge freely all in all a fishing destination worth a visit.



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