Cooriemungle water test

I placed sixteen adult river blackfish into this waterway two years ago and I was keen to know how the water was, the test was good the only problem was the d/o was low so I asked the owner to turn on the aerator that should help.

Cooriemungle prison was for a long time a low security prison for end of term prisoners its now a holiday camp where schools and other clubs can stay and explore the beautiful countryside. now has the ability to do a thorough water test. So, if you would like to have your private dam or waterway tested. I can test for p/h salt phosphorus, water temp, depth and more, I have an under-water drone to look at habitat and fish I even have a small boat with a sounder on board, I have an aerial drone for an overhead view, so very comprehensive test.

There will be a small charge to cover travel and other things such as chemical replacement. I have several to do before Christmas already so get in touch soon.

p/h 0407843998

or contact and leave a message

to find out more.

Swamp Rat

( rattus lutreolus )

Great to have them around, these are native rats and don’t pose the same risks as the common rat.

When we remove swampy areas, we do harm so we should both keep the swampy areas and put more back, swampy areas clean water and provide places for fish and other animals live.

Tanked up

I had a 15000 litre tank from Bushmans tanks arrive today , this tank will give me more fresh water for the blackfish , they do best in clean clear water.

It cost me another $2500 hundred dollars plus $450 for a pump plus fittings , Its a costly business saving fish .

The signs are all good

On the 19th of march myself and thirty odd other people including my family attended the first release of river blackfish into a river system , this had never been done before , the fish were bred on a farm from brood stock .

At the farm there are four ponds these fish were the offspring of fish in no one pond the first pond constructed at the farm.

The site chosen for the release was a former prison farm next to where I grew up, the farm is now a school camp, inside the camp is a large pond that is connected to the Cooriemungle creek this creek then runs to the Scott creek and it drains into the Curdies river.

it is hoped that these fish will survive and breed and in time their young will help to repopulate the whole river system.

Prison fishmates

Yesterday I was pleased to have Dion Lervasi Tim Vincent and a friend come down to Cooriemungle prison farm camp to survey the pondage there , at least seven species were identified.





Pygmy Perch

Short finned eels.

Flathead gudgeon.

Congolli (Tupong)

We knew the eels, Redfin, Gambusia, Goldfish, and Pygmy Perch were there but the surprise was the Tupong, the Tupong looked in good condition and it was assumed the Blackfish to be released there soon would also do well.

We had to whinch the boat down a steep embankment and threw some silt that had built up and when they finished we had to whinch both the boat and boat trailer up the bank , Dion had a great workout on the whinch handle while the others pushed the boat and I operated the remote whinch controller.

It was a struggle to launch the boat steep banks and a silted up bottom made for some fun and I applaud Dion for his willingness to carry on, the dam water is low at the moment due to a dry spell here in the southwest.

The host Brent , Nicole and James were eager to see what lurked in the pond and were surprised to see the Tupong as were we. once again if you want to survey a waterway near you cannot go passed Dion at austral Research and Consulting his knowledge and expertise is the best and no obstacle seem to worry him.