Farming of any kind means that we the farmers supply food for the animals we keep and this is true of fish as well, in my situation my fish can source some of their food from the environment they live in  my case the ponds.

As I have shown before I can and do feed my adult  fish on yabbies all year-round and I occasionally find things to compliment them, things such as worms, moths, grubs etc however this time of year ( its spring here AUST) us fish farmers must begin to create food for the young fish we expect in the summer, below is a video of plankton forming in my ponds

[wpvideo XE7qyWXp]

the plankton in the video looks like bubbles, I am not sure what kind of creature it is there are many types and I don’t know them all.

Plankton forms naturally from nutrient in the water if you don’t have much nutrient in your water  then you can add some, a simple way is to place a bag of dry cow manure in the pond to soak, blood and bone is another way I have used, not too much, I am both lucky and cursed by nutrient the water that enters my property carries loads of nutrient from nearby farms this grows great nutrient but also algae and thats not so good.

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