Red and White dog stoned


While I was checking the Simpson dam the other day I came across this dog, I don’t know how it climbed the rock.

The Simpson dam has according to the shire an algae bloom so I went to check it out the only thing I could see was Azolla fern which is native to Australia and indigenous to the region.

Rather than being a problem I think the Azolla will benefit the water by removing nutrient and heavy metals from the water column.


It would be wise to remove some of the fern so that more could grow and remove more nutrient from the water and lessen the likelihood of future algae outbreaks, if it is not removed it will simply die and release the stored nutrient back into the water thus ensuring ongoing blooms.

The good news is the Azolla can be used as fertilizer for plants and gardens and food for some farm animals.

UPDATE: for those of you that would like to know the water quality I took four readings.

Date: 13/5/17

sal- 151 ppm

p/h 8.3

temp 13* c

turb  the water was clear.

it was midday when test were taken.

it was clear coolish day.



Gambusia were present in large numbers.

there are two dams in the system only the top dam has azolla.


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