Flying eye

Everyone who reads this blog will know that I have a drone, I intend to fly this machine overĀ  rivers and creek in my area, this will be an invaluable asset in detection of good and bad habitat in areas where it is difficult to walk.

I believe technologies like this can help us protect and monitor these places better than we ever have before, there will be more tech to come in the future, better water testing and monitoring systems.

below are a selection of waterways that have fallen victim to this contraption.

The drone itself is only the base model but has a good camera.



The new dam will have water in the spring, I will put Blackfish in next year, probably fish I bred last year they will a good size by then.

[wpvideo eh3IaaZL]

Mumblin hidden wonder.

[wpvideo nSZLpt7H]

What can you say about beautiful Bullen Merri I have been spending time thereĀ all my life and I still find it stunning, great fishing, great scenery, the facilities are pretty good and the grounds are terrific a great picnic spot.

[wpvideo QfiBkauZ]

Skinners creek below is in the Otway forest in southwest Victoria. the creek used to hold large amounts of Blackfish but they have disappeared we don’t know why, one thing that stood out when filming this clip was the lack of copepods and other insect larvae, if we don’t have food for young fish we won’t have young fish.

[wpvideo 1QFPyEoz]



2 thoughts on “Flying eye

  1. Is there public access at Mumblin? Interested in fishing it one day, meant to hold redfin years ago from what I’ve read but never hear anything about it now.

    • Yes Tim if you are keen you can force your way down to the water you can fish it but it is an adventure at the moment. there is a track down but the last 20 metres is tough in time I hope to have better access.

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