Quarantine vat

DSCF0837.JPGI use this for  quarantine, when you bring fresh fish or live food onto the farm its a good idea to have somewhere that you can put them for a while to see if they are sound and don’t carry any disease , with blackfish it is pretty obvious  if things aren’t right however if I bring fresh yabbies onto the farm from a new source I will place them in here, its a good place if you have sick fish to isolate it from the others make sure you disinfect after the fish is gone, to disinfect I use sun light but if you are in a hurry wash with salt and rinse well and let stand in the sun for as long as possible. you can get old vats from farmers who have updated to bigger ones if you can find one, it is polite to offer some money even if they don’t ask remember to buy a dedicated trough would cost several hundred dollars.

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