DSCF0842DSCF0841I was raised at Cooriemungle In the heart of the Hatesbury shire this small creek runs past the farm I grew up on, when the Hatesbury shire was first cleared to make way for farm land some of these small creeks were damaged now we can,t give back the farm land the world needs the food but we can undo some of the damage that was done to the small creeks that run through this area.

The Cooriemungle creeks ( there arms two arms of this creek ) need some money spent on them to deepen and replace habitat that was removed, remove willows trees where they exist and so on we all know the problems and even the answers we just need the motivation and some funding to allow these waterways to once again be great habitat for river Blackfish.

So again I ask the question why are there no river Blackfish in the Cooriemungle creek.

Its not like we can,t breed them.

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