More Rain coming and where not ready

DSCF0827DSCF0826The water that flows to this point comes from the roadside which in turn picks up farm run off. This sand was the lake bed and due to low rain fall and extractions through bores is now part of the foreshore so what’s in this water, dog poo, cow poo oil and grease from the road, the sand has been lake bottom for hundreds or even thousands of years in that time it has picked up and stored tons of  assorted nutrient, now nutrient is a good thing when you are trying to grow something but the last thing we want to do is grow something in Lake Bullen Merri enough bad things grow there already.

Now if we had got of our behinds this could have been fixed in fact it could have acted as a natural filter a bio filter a few rocks some water loving plants and bingo we have a filter.

But know as of this morning nothing has been done and big rain is on the way this will erode more sand washing tons of nutrient into the lake and this will make a blue green algae event all but certain this season closing the lake to boating and fishing costing local shops and accommodation places and  petrol stations hard to come by dollars.

what frustrates more is how easy it would be to fix in fact when I was there this morning they had been doing works further along the bank.


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