UPDATE: The water temp in tank 3/4 has improved to over 10 degrees if this continues I would expect breeding to be early again this year, that would be young fish mid Dec. some people tell me that they only view this blog on Facebook if you wish to see all the photo’s you should click on the link at the bottom of the screen and go to the blog.

My fish (gadopsis marmoratus ) or river blackfish are enduring very cold water at the moment around 7.6 degrees and doing very well this raises the question should we consider river blackfish for reservoirs in cold areas where Murray cod are not performing .

Blackfish are the only native fish that is viable in these cold dams and I believe if we want to catch native fish in the southern parts of Vic that are good eating and good to catch then there is no alternative.

ps We can now breed them in captivity I know this because I have done it.

5 thoughts on “7.6

    • Rod awareness is always a good thing if people like to eat them they will finds ways to reproduce them adding not only to the total of fish but to the knowledge base, the biggest problem is people will find it hard to eat something that comes to the corner of the tank in the morning and wants a scratch.

      • Even though there’s Murray Cod and the Perches, i think they pretty much shut down in winter here in Canberra. I think most people buy trout for that reason. I dont eat yhe fish in my aquaponics, but it is half yhe point fir most people to do aquaponics. Guessing nobody with kids or a bit of a heart would eat them.

        • Rod the reason I said that was based on a recent study done at Eildon weir where they found Murray Cod were struggling, I have caught COD and Yellow Belly in the winter but boy you have to work for them and I not saying Blackfish would be any different its just that they are meant to be in that cold water and so should do better.

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