What are Yabbabs I here you ask ok this is a recipe I developed when I lived in Bendigo the first thing you need is some pretty good size Yabbies we are only using the tail, so after you humanly dispatch the yabbies remove the tail and the elementary tract that’s for you who don’t know is the black line extending down the tail, clean and wash in salty water and place on a skewer long enough to keep your hands out of the oil make some beer batter and dunk your tails into the batter and coat well and then into the oil until cooked it pays to try one before you serve them up and there you have Yabbabs.DSCF0858DSCF0859For those of you that like a feed of Yabbies from time to time and you have access to a dam it pays to feed your Yabbies, you will have more Yabbies and they will be bigger, above I am placing Lucerne billets around the dam the young Yabbies will feed on this and hopefully grow nice and fat to feed my fish and me, we only have four weeks to spring and the Yabbies will be mating soon so if you intend to do this now is the time, by the way most herbage is good food for Yabbies vegetables scraps as well, just don’t put to much in you may mess up the dam for other users.

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