The Curdies river

DSCF0780.JPGThis is the Curdies river in the southwest of Victoria it rises in or about the stoy rises near lake Purrumbete and flows through the Curdies valley  until it reaches the sea at Peterborough, As you can see it has great habitat for blackfish but none have been caught there for years at least to my knowledge if anybody has information to the contrary please let me know. the rivers and creeks in the southwest should hold populations of blackfish and they don’t WHY. contact me on my mob /0407843998

4 thoughts on “The Curdies river

  1. Not sure if many people for for them anymore. But you’d expect they’d still get caught every now and then. Maybe they’ve just declined in numbers, as can be seen in many south west rivers. There’s only a couple of populations in the Hopkins basin left. Not sure about the Curdies though.

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