The Curdies in flood

I know that a lot of you fishers are aware of the great black bream fishing in the Curdies river around boggy creek and Peterborough however once you get away from the salt influence there is not much to fish for the odd eel redfin and even trout, it is my plan to change that I fully intend to have blackfish in place as soon as fisheries gives me the go ahead, I only live a mile from the river so as soon as I get fisheries here to inspect my setup and see the fish are healthy it could happen this breeding season and you can expect to be able to catch legal fish in this place in a few short years. I also must say that if you are coming down this way to fish or sightsee  you should take a drive through the Hatesbury settlement it features some of the prettiest land scapes in AUST not to mention the great dairy farming ,producing milk that goes to making  cheese yogurt and all manner of thins for AUST and for  export to the rest of the world.    DSCF0849The Curdies  valley looking southwest with a rain shower coming up the valley.

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