Separation day

UPDATE all is going well on separation day so far I have separated about twenty fish around half have been on the small side . Today I am going to separate the larger fish from the smaller ones this has to be done to stop the larger fish from predating on the smaller fish and this will give me a chance to boost the food intake for the ones not doing so well.DSCF0729DSCF0728Having said that it is my believe that I am in uncharted waters and nobody before me has bred these fish, and certainly not in these numbers and not to this stage (about four and a half months), the fish are still healthy and despite some size differences doing very well.

I would like for some of these fish to be in the open environment by now, but getting any action from the authorities is difficult , my intentions are to produce so many blackfish that they will have no choice but to help me and to restock rivers and streams, fisheries are yet to visit my facility (I have had a permit from them since 8/1/2010) let alone offer any help.

I cant help thinking that if these fish were trout fisheries would  be all over me, these fish are in trouble in the wild for a number of reasons some I have mentioned in earlier post, so we need to replenish there stocks so fishers can confidently go to these places and expect to catch a native fish that is both great to catch and to eat. If you can here a note of frustration in this post you are correct.

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