Release Date

A date has been set for the release of river blackfish into a river system,

This has been many years in the making , I have had permits for more than ten years and the fish to be released are six years old so it has been quite a endeavor.

The fish will go into a pond that is part of the Cooriemungle creek in southwest Vic Aust , the creek has good flows during winter but struggles to hold water in the warmer months it dries back into pools, however the dam holds water all year round .

There are sixteen fish in this first release they vary in size from around 280mls to 380mls .

This is a first time this has happened with this fish , no one has bred them like this before and no one has got a permit to do this so this is historic and hopefully not the last.

It will be quite a process so on the 18 th of march I will start to empty the pond their in, this takes quite a while the ponds hold about 80 thousand litres of water, once that is done they will be tagged and then moved to the pond at Cooriemungle and released.

The hope is someone from a local UNI might join us and follow these fish for some years learning more about them to inform future Aquaculturist

so they can go on and breed this great fish and replenish the creeks and rivers where they once thrived.

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