In the last week we had some serious ran ,  the new dam overflowed into no 4 pond and it flowed into the other two, the dam down the back has been overflowing for about a week and of course no 1 pond has been full for weeks, all the ponds and dams have had a good wash out all good for the breeding season ahead.



All the rivers are in flood and all the lakes have had good inflows so the year is set up to be a beauty .

The Gellibrand.


Aeration is important for water health and fish well-being however this aeration below is for another purpose, the soils where I am are porous and water seeps out so when I built the dam I placed ten truck loads of clay in the bottom and sides and then after it filled I spread an inert chemical on the water and as the dam leaks it takes the chemical with it, the chemical once in the soil expands and fills the leaks, aeration also helps spread the chemical around, the chemical is inert and cannot harm fish or other animals.


The solar panel is connected to a solar controller and then a large battery and then an aerator ,it works ok it struggles through the winter months and the battery wont last through the night.


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