Prison fishmates

Yesterday I was pleased to have Dion Lervasi Tim Vincent and a friend come down to Cooriemungle prison farm camp to survey the pondage there , at least seven species were identified.





Pygmy Perch

Short finned eels.

Flathead gudgeon.

Congolli (Tupong)

We knew the eels, Redfin, Gambusia, Goldfish, and Pygmy Perch were there but the surprise was the Tupong, the Tupong looked in good condition and it was assumed the Blackfish to be released there soon would also do well.

We had to whinch the boat down a steep embankment and threw some silt that had built up and when they finished we had to whinch both the boat and boat trailer up the bank , Dion had a great workout on the whinch handle while the others pushed the boat and I operated the remote whinch controller.

It was a struggle to launch the boat steep banks and a silted up bottom made for some fun and I applaud Dion for his willingness to carry on, the dam water is low at the moment due to a dry spell here in the southwest.

The host Brent , Nicole and James were eager to see what lurked in the pond and were surprised to see the Tupong as were we. once again if you want to survey a waterway near you cannot go passed Dion at austral Research and Consulting his knowledge and expertise is the best and no obstacle seem to worry him.

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