UPDATE: I would like to thank all the 1744 people who view this blog it is my view that awareness will be all important in the fight to save these iconic fish.

I have attained  a permit from fisheries to sell my Blackfish to the public . On a personal note I am also thrilled to  be acknowledged by fisheries to be the first to breed and rear Blackfish in a aquaculture system.

DSCF0530 (3)

Because I now hold this permit it will allow me grow the farm and produce more Blackfish.

Any one who has tried to grow and breed  blackfish will know that they are notoriously hard to farm so there are no guarantees however all things going well I should have plenty of fish to sell this season ( around Christmas ) I will have to record to whom I sell so names and addresses will be needed the price will  $20 for fingerlings and $100 for yearlings if available.


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    • Thanks for your comment Jaryd as i said in the blog around Christmas i cant give an exact date because it all depends on the weather leading up to breeding time . Please keep in touch

  1. Awesome stuff, great to see someone doing something about Blackfish populations. They’re a fish I’ve been interested in for a few years now, never caught one, or really targeted them, but I find them fascinating regardless. I’m in the south west, where theres only a few populations left, and its even been discovered recently these may even be a separate species! What general area are you located?

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