Just leaf litter

[wpvideo CVvLVsYA]

can you see him?

These fish live in the bottom not on it and that is why I believe they are more susceptible to heavy metals and other toxins in the substrates of rivers, if we want these fish to be there in the future   we must make sure the rivers are clean not just the water but the mud and detritus that forms the bottoms of our rivers.

Blue gums are becoming favourites for the killing off of these fish if the run off of pesticides or herbicide’s is not killing the fish it could be killing the food i.e. plankton and other invertebrates which the fish rely on as there staple diet, in the cold waters of the southwest yabbies are not as common as in northern parts worms and insects play a part but plankton is by far there biggest food source.

I believe this to be one of the greatest videos of fish ever taken, captured at a moment in time and the bigger fish looking on was it thinking of eating the smaller fish I don’t know.

These fish must be saved and I call on the authorities to carry out the work necessary  ie toxicology test on river substrates to determine if there are toxins in the rivers that are killing these fish.

Find the cause reverse it what  ever it is, these native fish deserve a future and it is up to fisheries to do this work no one else can, and then implement the findings after all fisheries can take your boat off you if you catch a fish under size but cant stop whole sale slaughter by toxins entering the water system.


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