Hunting lost Cannon,s

UPDATE: The search for the cannon did not go to plan , the drive down was four-wheel drive only and a little steep once at the bottom the lake is surrounded by quick sand so very hard to get close to, then the under water drone wouldn’t dive in lower speeds because of the high salt content so I decided to fly the aerial drone and the battery was dead and last but not least I tried to take the salinity of the water and my metre wouldn’t work.

I have a new battery for the aerial drone and more weights coming for the under water drone when they arrive I will try again.  


Tomorrow we start the search for the long-lost world war one cannon that was taken from the main street of Camperdown Victoria in the early seventies , it is said it was dumped in a lake near the town the problem with that is there are hundreds of lakes near Camperdown it’s called the lakes and craters shire  because of the Volcanic nature of the area, some of the lakes  are quite deep 40 plus metres so the task is huge , After much research we have narrowed the search down to a relatively  small area and that’s where we shall begin tomorrow.lakes and cratersAll the evidence is hearsay so it is a bit hit and miss , however I am confident that the  under water drone will find it if it’s there, it could have sunk into the silt on the bottom of the lake or it could be very deep , depth should not be a concern in the search because the drone can dive to a depth of one hundred metres, if it is deep the problem will retrieving it.


3 inch field gun

Once we find the cannon there are organizations that will retrieve the cannon and begin the restoration process, so in the centenary year of the first world war it can once again be proudly displayed in the main street of Camperdown.

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