Home sweet home

DSCF0829DSCF0830 habitat is vital for all native fish however blackfish are even more reliant on it they use it for homes ,shelter and nest  and place to ride out floods, what kind of habitat is best well when it comes to blackfish it doesn’t seem to matter, hollow logs like the ones above are perfect for larger fish how ever smaller fish would feel safer under it rather than in it this must be considered when placing habitat back into rivers and streams.

the location of habitat in rivers and streams is also important Australian rivers and stream dry up from time to time and this must be allowed for so some habitat must be relatively close to the surface and some must be placed in deeper water to accommodate fish when water levels drop.

In Australia all the rivers that run through farm land  are silted up and not as deep as they once where so it will be necessary to deepen some holes to allow for dryer times.

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