Native plants going in around the ponds these will attract insects and birds and in turn feed the fish. We purchased the plants from Pearson’s nursery at Allansford near Warrnambool the young lady that served us was very helpful and clearly new her plants we will do more with themĀ in the future.

We had a early sneak peek at spring today and it was perfect for planting , up until now the ground has been far to wet.

It is worth remembering that animals do much better if they feel safe and comfortable they will breed a lot easier and be much better at the handling stages. This applies to all animals not just fish.


Pond no 2


You can also see the solar lights also for attracting insects to the waters edge for the fish to feed on, the grass has picked up its been slow because of the cold and wet overcast days, hopefully that’s behind us now we are moving into the windy part of the year, wind is our friend because it aerates the ponds and dams.


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