Four of a kind

Well no all the same in fact they are all different in some way , what am I talking about, fish tanks of course.

I have eight healthy fish two in each tank and all seem happy and in good shape so lets go through the tanks and their differences .

Tank 1/ or what we call the sump:

The sump is simply a large farm trough buried in the ground and is out in the open it drains into the pond 1-2-3 depending on which tap is turned on, because it is in the ground it stays a little warmer it also allows insects such as crickets , grasshoppers and even worms to enter the tank.

The next set up is an aquaponics setup that I got from neighbors when they were leaving the area ( hi to Kerry and Lyla) this setup could be used in remote location and run of solar power, the plants you see are Nardoo which I use to plant in my floating habitats in the summer, its seems to be working well , its gets a bit hot in the greenhouse so I have to keep adding cool water.

Tank no 3/. tank no 3/ is located outside above ground , and the fish do well in , I have a filter on on it to keep water fresh the fish have settled in nicely , this would be the preferred option for a small hatchery should it work and the fish breed.

The black plastic is there to add some heat during the winter months, not much but every bit helps , the fish like it because its nice and dark, fresh water from a tank over flow also runs into this tank.

Tank no 5/ this tank sits out under trees and faces the southern winds so I wrapped it with insulation paper to help keep it a bit warmer , it gets rain water when it rains otherwise I have to keep topping it up to make sure the water stays healthy , this tank is isolated from the others and noise is kept to a minimum around breeding time.

The gates were burnt in the fires and I thought they would make good bird protection , all the takes are aerated and I find food each day for them , in the winter time they barely eat their metabolism slows down and if they eat to much it will turn septic in their guts and make them sick.

I prefer these tanks over the poly tanks with sloping bottoms , the sloping tanks tend to push fish together and around breeding time that’s no a good idea, they can fight and cause injury to other fish, the flat bottoms allow fish to be away from each

So all in all I have four chances for fish to breed if I am not successful this year I will move the fish around and try again next year.

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