Fishing container

After the fires burnt down the shed that I had my aerators in I had to replace it quickly so I purchased a forty foot high cube shipping container to house the aerators and it works well, but the aeration room at the end of the shipping  only take up a small area the rest of the container will be used for aquariums that will house river blackfish and some pygmy perch so people who visit will get to see a blackfish.

The first photo shows the first six foot aquarium with a blackfish ( in the pipe) and some perch.



The photo below shows the room with the aerators one for each pond , they are small and the reason for that is blackfish dislike a lot of current in the water especially around mating time so these aerator provide air and some ciculation of the water but not to much. I have used garden hoses that have a pressure rating for air hoses they are stronger I have buried them under a track and they work fine,



As you can see from this photo below the diffuser is attached on top a blue drum which is about nine hundred cm high they are weighted with steel and placed in the middle of the pond, the reason for this is so as not to stir up the silt on the bottom of the ponds, blackfish like clear clean water as much as possible.



We are now heading into breeding season, plancton will start to form when the temps rise a bit just in time to feed the young fish that we hope will be there this year.









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