Fed Snakes

It’s a timely reminder to be careful around waterways especially  given the warm weather lately. This copperhead snake although small could still give a nasty bite, I was bitten on the knee six weeks ago and needed antibiotic  to get the swelling down this chap could have been responsible, a bite from a snake this small could keep you from what you love ( like fishing) for some weeks.

I found this snake dead in a redback spiders web in my green house so if you think the snake s bad don’t mess with the redback


A couple of years ago i found  two small yabbies in a redback spiders web , that in itself is pretty wild to think a spider poisoned the yabbies and carried them to her web but real amazing thing the web was six feet of the floor of the green house ,now some people find hard to believe but i showed my neighbour and he can testify to it .

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