Farm Fresh


New brood stock for the farm, all the fish shown here are from a private farm dam none were taken from the wild, these fish will breed next season and produce many fingerlings for individuals to own.  at the end of the second

year they should be around 22 cms although some grow at different rates to others.

These are native fish and fisheries Vic require you to have a permit to take them from the wild and keep alive.

8 thoughts on “Farm Fresh

  1. Interested in where your fingerlings end up, is everything solely for fisheries restocking programs or can fingerlings be sold to the public? My property backs onto the Moorabool River where I have a number of deep holes and even though there are some blackfish about I am keen on purchasing some fingerlings to release to see if I can get them breeding naturally. If not from you then do you know of where I can get some

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