You can see the eye is situated quite high giving the fish a good look overhead  and in front and  side when searching for food such as insects that may fall on the water or other fish in front , the Barbels in the last post give the fish a good all around picture of likely prey in the bottom of their range such as yabbies,

Their eyes gives them good night vision and is adequate in the daylight for feeding.

[wpvideo aur04JEQ]

While this fish missed the grub on this occasion it recovered and found it when I wasn’t filming.

The fish also have the ability to contort their body to hunt and also get into the tightest of spaces.

I think the fish can be described as both a opportunistic and  predatory , they can be caught in the day time if you place the bait in the correct areas so the literature is wrong about being solely nocturnal when they are hungry they will act  in a more opportunistic manner waiting for food to come to them rather than hunting, After having studied these fish now for a long period of time I think the ratio is about 80 percent nocturnal and 20 percent diurnal .

All up the fish is a great predator and deserves its place at the  top of the food chain.

I have removed the fish from the aquarium in the  shipping container for the hot months and placed it in tank 4 with three other fish it now has the chance to breed with other fish and I hope it does.

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