Blackfish Challenged


The waterway above is Scott’s creek in south-western Victoria it has water all year-round and has some nice deep holes and as you can see it has good habitat for River Blackfish and yet there are none, talking to people who have lived in the area longer than me and before the Heytesbury forest was bulldozed ( 1950s ) I have been assured that there were Blackfish and platypus in this creek and some of its tributaries such as the Cooriemungle creek.

We have a duty to put those fish back and assist the platypus as well, do some rehabilitation works and improve habitat along the waterways. I note the work done by CMAS and Landcare where trees have been planted along some stretches of the creek.

Note also the trees that overhang the creek they are mostly Blackwoods and a few gums, that is a hint for those of you who would like to try and breed Blackfish, the second photo from the top shows an undercut below the tree that is where Blackfish like to hang, the top photo shows some gravel left over from bridge works and it is acting like a small runnel this is good for the water because it adds oxygen to the water and stirs up potential food for fish further down stream all good.

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