Air time

These are pictures of my latest aeration system for my dams, the drum had disinfectant in it and has been washed so safe to use in a dam, the aerator is a membrane type and around 250 ml wide the drum will keep the aerator off the bottom so it will not stir up silt and mud from the bottom of the dam, the pipes are to allow fish to use the drum as habitat, the aerator should create a gentle flow beneath it,  the blackfish should breed in the pipes and the small current will be ideal for them to keep eggs clean. I use a good quality garden hose as an air line so it is a simple task to fit it .

This aerator will be run off a solar panel with a battery backup .

I have placed old bits of steel in the drum to help it sink and I will attach a chain and buoy to it for retrieval if necessary for cleaning at a later date.


I drilled some holes around the bottom to help it sink and I have made the holes big enough for small fish and yabbies to come and go, the dam is about 3 mts deep so I have made the chain just a bit longer. Now we just need sun shine.

After finishing the aerator I attached the hose floated it out to the deepest part of the dam  and let it sink , it in about 3 metres of water the drums are about 1 metre so the aerator is at about 2 metres that should create a slow  current that will circulate the water pretty well.

I then got the drone out and checked to see if it was all working , and I think it turned out pretty good.


[wpvideo gUrXktRT]

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