The top photo is a aquaculture tank that I bought from poly tank, they have a sloping bottom to allow leftover food and other waste to leave through the outlet pipe located at middle bottom and they work fine however the one issue I had was scum on top of the water was not being extracted so I extended the pipe to a level above the water line and put some holes where the scum could then leave.

The second and third photo,s show a black pipe near the roof of the green house this pipe has a hose bayonet at each end this allows me to fill it with water this water in turn warms from the sun and I can then use that water to warm the water in the ponds outside.

The people who read this blog and would also like to breed blackfish must keep in mind when you are trying to do something for the first time  like breed blackfish you must keep an open mind and be willing to try different things.

Don’t forget these are native animals and permits are required so talk to your state authorities before you start, in particular places there could be a different strain of blackfish so make sure you know witch one is yours.

And if I could give you one more piece of advise aerate,aerate,aerate.

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