Press on

Never give up, especially to bureaucrats , in todays Cobden Coast Times there is an article that sums up pretty well how the swamp works, anyone who has been to lake Mumblin knows that the fish will never be able to get out, the swamp don’t seem to worry about all the frogs trout eat along rivers where their not suppose to be not a word, and they definitely don’t do anything to get them out , rivers like the Curdies and the Gellibrand  , they claim that the fish will not thrive in  lake Mumblin , how the hell do they know that , they haven’t been able  breed blackfish in the last 2 hundred years and yet they try and tell me where the fish will survive.                       Press on.JPG

And on top of that they didn’t have the guts to ring or e-mail me I was told to ring a ranger at Port Campbell to find out .

If this is the best we get from the stewards of our environment then i want my money back, i didnt work my ass of  for forty years so these so and so,s can sit there and screw things up , take a look at the state of Bullen Merri it will nothing short of a farm run off dam soon and they do nothing.



The Plumber

To say these fish are flexible is an understatement, they contort their bodies into all kinds of shapes , in this video we see a fish coming out of a u shaped pipe , he was looking for food I suspect .

They are shaped in such a way so they can manoeuvre there way into very tight spots while hunting and just to avoid predators and even lay eggs.

[wpvideo avJqbFKP]

Body shape is important for all fish and with the blackfish the fins allow for traction in all kinds of places.

[wpvideo vr4aSRUP]