After the blog ( Own your own) was posted I have had lots of inquiries from people looking for blackfish there is no way yet to satisfy all of the request ( over 4000 views ) however I am so pleased that blackfish are making a come back in the  minds of people because the best way to save this fish is public awareness.


[wpvideo XrdLI570]

No sign of that aggression that the literature speaks of   all of these get along fine. Notice the different colours and all these fish in the same water around the same age.

they are all doing very well going into the next two months of winter, these fish are my new brood stocks and I am very pleased with there progress. I will have young fish from these fish around Christmas.

Thank you

I wish to thank all those who have viewed the blog ( Own your own ) I have had well over 3000 hits. To those people who are dedicated to the long term recovery of native fish in Australia keep up the good work .



Own your own

If you are an native fish lover and own a aquarium you may wish to own a native blackfish  I have been given permission to sell some to the public so I can recoup some of my expenses.


DSCF0730 they will cost $20 each and must be picked up at the hatchery for direction and sales you must phone stephen on 0407843998

these fish are great aquarium fish they have a personality unlike any other fish they will eat earth worms meal worms crickets any insects blood worms etc you can get all the food you need from a pet shop or catch your own , no heater is required these are cold water fish and just need clean water preferably tank water to avoid chlorine and fluoride  .

The next batch will be born in Nov-Jan this year if you would like to own one you will need to pre book at the no. above. Continue reading

Lakes and craters

DSCF0798We are lucky to live near  two of the best and most accessible lakes in Victoria Australia, lake Bullen Merri and lake Purrumbete , these are lakes that have formed in the bottom of dormant volcanos they are deep and cold and hold good amounts of salmonoids (trout) Bullen Merri has some issues with fish kills from time to time and blue green algae also closes the lake nearly every year, to much nutrient in the water, this should be looked at and a remedied  however it is in the to hard basket, that basket is quite full.

lake Purrumbete is superb and if you haven’t been there you  should go, you can see quite a bit from the shore but to experience it properly a boat is needed.

The photo above is south beach lake Bullen Merri

Hot flush

The water in the outside cement tanks is 10 degrees that is still comfortable for these fish however if it gets to 5 6 7 it could be a problem so I have put this 500 litre black tank inside the green house the water should warm with the heat from the greenhouse and then if needed I can flush it into the tank outside, the water in the black tank is already 11 degrees so already it would be of benefit.DSCF0800.JPG


I travel a lot with my work and I come across things that I think are interesting here is a toadstool I came across recently growing in pine needles.DSCF0795

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UPDATE: Well over 4000 views

UPDATE: It is impossible to reply to over 3500 views but it is fantastic to see such passion for this great little fish, many have asked where am I , I am in the southwest of Victoria Australia if you wish to contact me my mob is 0407843998 you must ring before a visit because my work involves some travel and I am often away during the daytime  

If you would like more information on anything you see here please don’t hesitate to  get in touch.


MOB/ 0407843998