leak stopping

This dam has leaked from the moment it was dug due to the soil, left hand photo shows the floor of the dam with some timber at top which will become habitat once the dam fills . the truck in the bottom right hand photo is dropping of a load of clay this will be spread out on the bottom of the dam and then sealed with a water proofing agent. at least that’s the plan.

Little fish looking for a home.


The fish are almost long enough to be called fingerlings. there is more natural food in the outside tanks but that wont last so these fish will have to go elsewhere a dam or an aquarium. I can sell some to the general public if enough interest is shown, you cant buy these fish anywhere else I am the only know breeder of these fish. There scientific name gadopsis marmoratus and there common name is river black fish. if you would like to have some please mention that in comments so arrangements can be made.

Growing Well

They are hard to measure but between 40mm-50mm. Their food consists of blood worm and brine shrimp which I buy. I do have another mix that I am starting now and it should boost growth.

How do we protect and maintain fish stocks

This blog will seek to answer some of the questions that surrounds black fish and indeed all native fishes. First of all let me introduce my self my name for this blog  will  be sticks a nick name. I have fished all over Australia , I have fished both inland and off shore and in swamps. dams, creeks, estuaries I have caught yabbies dug bardies grubs and worms I have caught crickets and grass hoppers and have used all manner of lures.

My aim is to put back into the water fish so that future generation have fish to catch places to camp and enjoy the great outdoors.

To this end I have set up a fish breeding hatchery and have for the last two years produced juvenile black fish , I have around 150 at the moment. where to from here well we have to convince the powers that be to begin restocking rivers and streams you would think that would be easy however there many hurdles to cross.